Talisman C&D is a new company based in southeastern Virginia.  Leveraging over forty years of  broadcast experience, the company specializes in all things broadcast and broadcast related including system design, consulting, project management, documentation services and contract services.  Please contact us via...

Email: inquiries@TalismanCandD.com

Phone: (804) 767-7247

Mail:804 Nugent Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23322-3720

Peter Dennant, Design Engineer & Principal

Peter Dennant has toiled in the broadcast industry since his start in radio during high school. Years later, he made the transition from radio to television while studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin.  A few years later he became the Chief Engineer at WKOW-TV in Madison, Wisconsin. Over the next twenty years, he managed the technical departments of three television stations in Wisconsin, Hawaii and Virginia.

In 2006, Peter left local television to work as the Technical and Infrastructure Architect for a startup cable network in southeastern Virginia.  At the conclusion of that project, Peter joined the staff of systems integrator AZCAR as a Lead Engineer.  During his years with AZCAR, Peter worked on projects for ESPN, PBS and KTRK.  Following the demise of AZCAR, Peter started Talisman Consulting & Design.

At Talisman C&D, Peter has completed projects for a diverse clientele including ESPN, Arbitron, the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development and Max Media’s Virginia radio group.

Carlos Carmona - CAD Services Manager

Carlos is the backbone for Talisman C&D’s documentation services.  He is an Architect with extensive experience in computer aided design and, in addition, specialization as a computer system analyst.  He started his career in Colombia as an Architect Designer before moving to Canada in 2005.  At AZCAR’s Toronto office, Carlos brought his considerable CAD and database talents to revise the way that company produced documentation for their projects. While at AZCAR, Carlos played a major role in a number of projects for ESPN including their new Transmission facility.  It was during that project that Carlos collaborated with Peter Dennant for the first time.

Since AZCAR’s demise, Carlos has mastered Autodesk’s Revit for MEP Engineering in conjunction with his work for Crossey Engineering, Ltd.