System Consulting & Design

Before the onset of the digital age, broadcast stations were one of the few industries creating content on a daily basis.  Now, with digital tools and the means for widespread distribution through non-traditional channels, the need for content creation facilities has exploded.  From colleges and universities to small businesses and government agencies, content creation and distribution has become an important component of daily business.

Many entities needing to develop or upgrade their content creation facilities do not have the in-house expertise to navigate the myriad of systems and equipment suppliers to bring a comprehensive, cost effective solution to bear.  This is where Talisman C&D can help!

Talisman C&D’s expertise is derived from decades of successfully competed radio and television projects.  No matter what the size of your budget or project is, Talisman C&D can bring you through the complex process of consulting (determining your projects needs and matching them with your budget); conceptual design (the systematic outline of the facility) to the production of detailed design drawings that show everything that is necessary to bring the design to life and functionality.


Perhaps your organization needs help defining the type of facility that is needed for your business.  Or, your organization needs an independent analysis before embarking on a new facility or upgrading an existing one.  Talisman C&D can provide independent collaboration and expertise to put together a project proposal and costs.  When approved, we can design the system or, if multiple bids are required, craft the Request-for-Quote (“RFQ”).

Project Management

Project Management can make or break a project.  As with all industries, intimate knowledge of the system specifics is one of the necessary components of successful project management.  A specific Scope-of-Work (“SOW”) is another.   Talisman C&D can bring its years of experience with project management of media projects to bear for your next project.  Schedule details; equipment purchase and delivery; asset reconciliation and installation details are all part of our Project Management services.