Documentation services are automatically included with any design contract as the output of a project must be ready–to-build construction documents. However, many companies have existing documentation that may be incomplete, outdated, in several different formats or non-existent. Improper documentation can impact the day-to-day operation of any complex broadcast/audio/visual system. Improperly labeled cables waste valuable response time when things go awry and are the cause of many wasted man-hours when they have to be identified by the grossly inefficient hand-over-hand method.

Many companies cannot justify the expense to hire someone who knows the ins-and-outs of a broadcast plant and is also skilled at documenting it. Talisman C&D offers several services to get your facility’s documentation on the path to organization.

Talisman C&D will work with your technical team to create a documentation solution that works within your budget: 

  • Send us your hand drawn technical documents. We will turn them into one of the professional documentation packages listed below*. 
  • Send us your existing and red-lined documents and we will convert them into one of the professional documentation packages listed below*. 
  • Hire us to audit your entire plant or any portion thereof. We’ll create a professional drawing package that shows where everything is and how it is connected.

Once your plant is properly documented, we can help you keep it up to date. Outsource your documentation to Talisman C&D. It is like having a drafting engineer on your staff!

Drawing Packages


One line diagrams created with Microsoft Visio or AutoCAD – these simple system diagrams show the upstream/downstream relationship of individual pieces of equipment in a broadcast/audio/visual system. Single drawings includes audio, visual, control and Ethernet.

  • Individual connections are not shown or labeled.
  • Cable numbers are optional


Multiple drawings created with AutoCAD:

  • Audio and video drawings
  • Control and Ethernet drawings
  • Elementary feathers/touch points** 
  • Equipment blocks only show (labeled) connections that are used
  • Cable numbers optional
  • Rack elevations optional


Highly detailed drawings created with AutoCAD. These are generated at the systems integration level where the finished drawings are ready to be handed to an Installation company for construction:

  • Audio and video drawings
  • Control/Ethernet drawings
  • Detailed feathers/touch points**
  • Frame details
  • Rack elevations 
  • Equipment blocks show all connections available 
  • Cable numbers assigned with detailed reports 
  • Detailed equipment lists

* When documentation is reliant on materials sent to us, accuracy is “as provided.”

** “Feathers” or “touch points” refer to cable connections that are split between two drawings.